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Ironwood Cabinets

ironwood cabinets

When you walk in your house, you may imagine what you want in the kitchen, which is most likely the first thing you think about. You imagine custom cabinets floor to ceiling. You imagine Cherry, Mahogany, Pine, Cedar…. The list goes on and on. Imagine a place where your family grows, you have dinners for the soccer team and you create your child’s birthday party cakes. Ironwood Cabinets is here to help you design everything you ever imagined in your home.

These are light wooden cabinets.

custom. quality. perfection.

our purpose

Ironwood cabinets was created for the purpose of fulfilling your dreams. We create your dream cabinets, and we do it all custom. Our woodworkers create your dream. Whether it be your kitchen, your bathroom, a bar or an entryway, we can build it from the ground up. You choose the look, the style, the finish and the hardware then our craftsman get to work. They double check and triple check your measurements. Then double check and triple check your design. They craft every piece using our state of the art equipment.

Our Services

Custom Cabinets for your Home


These are dark wooden kitchen cabinets.
These are wooden drawers with a kennel space for a dog.


You may think of the word custom as expensive but we are committed to maintaining low overhead in order to keep costs down and quality up. We are not going to make a guarantee of the cheapest but we do guarantee the lowest cost and highest quality that we are aware of. Our Ironwood Team works hard at providing just that. From design to delivery to your contractor, we have extra care and handling to keep our promise.


All of this is done from our production facility in Waukesha, Wisconsin. We work with the best of the best in builders, remodelers, designers and architects to take your dream from a vision to a plan to the very best finished product!

Call us today and tell us your dream or tell your contractor that you would like the high quality Ironwood Cabinet for your dream home!

These are white kitchen cabinets under the stove.
This is a warm colored wooden cubby.
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